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About Us
Our Story
Since our launch in 2018, BetterBracelets has gone international. Selling in 12 countries across 4 continents, our customers have helped donate thousands of dollars to national and international mental health services. Our customers have since shared their stories to help reduce the negative stigma surrounding mental illness.
We operate as a not-for-profit organization and for every bracelet sold, $2.50 is donated to mental health initiatives.
Our concept is simple.
Wear a bracelet, bring change. 
Our 3-Pillared Approach

Actively engage the public

Connect those affected by mental illness 

Give back to the community

We operate under the backdrop of what we call the three-pillared approach. These three pillars relay what wearing a BetterBracelet represents and why we feel it is effective in reducing negative stigma and improving health outcomes for those who have been impacted by mental illness.

The more people that purchase a bracelet, the more powerful the

initiative becomes.

By wearing a bracelet, people become actively involved in the conversation pertaining to mental health.

Our initiative creates a safe space for people to share their stories and bring awareness to the prevalence of mental illness.

In an effort to continue to improve mental health outcomes, $2.50 of each BetterBracelet sold goes towards mental health initiatives and institutions dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by mental illness.

We have customers all over the world.

Be the first to order from your country and receive a free bracelet with your first order.

Canada, USA, Wales, Norway, Chile, Singapore, England, Germany, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland